Elton John Greatest Hits

Elton John Greatest Hits traverse a long span of time right from the early 1970s when some of his best albums came to the limelight of his fans, right to today when his classical rock style still rings a bell in many ears. Though his compilations have a bigger share of appreciation with the masses, it is the single tracks which are compiled in the newest collections that elicit more succinct memory. One of these, ‘Candle in the Wind’, is chronologically still in the front rank as the release with the most sales in the American chart. Furthermore it gained its bigger appeal during the time of Princess Diana’s memorial when the artiste performed it live.

Elton John Greatest Hits

Most of Elton John Greatest Hits cover the period when he turned out his earliest compilations. On top of this is the theme song of the album ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ that consists of easy-to understand-lyrics. In fact this track is an embodiment of the workload that he would release in subsequent times because it carries all elements present in the other singles. First, they have melodious tunes that can be sung along to and secondly, they touch mostly pastoral themes like that of the countryside. They also carry emotion evoking power that makes the songs a special part of any musical remembrance ritual in the life of a popular music lover.

The present collection of Elton John Greatest Hits is a rendering of a digital sequence of its analogue original. Thus fans can expect to find in online stores their most beloved records that they could only listen on radio or unreliable players, now on DVD. On top of this is the smashing single ‘Rocket Man’ that is memorable for its high pitched yet sweet melodic vocals. It is sampled from its original tape thus giving pleasure to those who loved it instantly during its release date. There are also a number of ballad-style singes that perpetuate this melodic style that can be found in this new compilation.

Other than his personal songs, Elton John Greatest Hits is also a showpiece of some of the renderings that the artiste made of other groups’ songs and they became hits. This can be seen in the treasure trove of records obtained from rock groups of the ‘60s right through the ‘70s. Prominent to these are those tracks that are outsourced from the top songs of the 1960s that continued to define the age under the coverage of this singer.

The legacy of Elton John Greatest Hits can be seen in the great thematic content of the songs. Though they may sound differently than when they are not played back to back in their carrier album because of lack of continuity in subject matter, they however, carry the magic of great instantaneous ballads in them when played independently. They are equally relevant to rock music as they are in the other genres because they defy tradition. That is why ‘Crocodile Rock’ continues to find appeal to people who appreciate different types of music and so do most of his other tracks.

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